Thursday, May 23, 2013

Diamonds that boast about herself.


I think it was a long time ago since i update my blog.
Right now, Im fighting for the finals exam.


People always look down at me,especially because my result is kinda .... hmmm ... kinda if you have result like mine,maybe you end up killing yourself. (hahaha just kidding , in a serious way , but there is a little bit seriousness about what im talking there)

They boast about themselves,that makes me feel so low self esteem. Its like , they boast about how pretty they are,how smart they are,how good their family in education and work .Seriously , at first before i enter university , i thought that these people only exist in Drama.

But it is not.When i met this people,i was like, is this even real ? maybe they was just joking . But apparently,they not.  Even worse, what i saw was only PRE-EVIL-BOASTING-MEAN.

I mean, the life game havent even start , I only see the trailer.


Until,i hear AGAIN my favourite beautiful song, DREAM DONT TURN TO DUST.

The lyric just...makes you want to stop the music and play it again because the word is just so ridicously pretty.

And the word that makes me want to forgive all this boasting people is this :

When tiger eyes begin making you blush
And when diamonds boast that they can't be crushed
Let 'em go, 'cause dreams don't turn to dust

What it mean is, if you met people that think they are more powerful,superiour,smarter,pretty, than you .Nevermind, just ignore them . That would never crush your hope and dream because what you dream will never turn to dust, because somehow, you WILL  get a little bit of that dream , even a little, its beautiful .