Thursday, October 31, 2013

Atkin diet snack and dessert

back to atkin diet.
i know. its not the most healthy diet, but crap all of it. i just want to be normal person .

may this journey success.

anyway . .. i found several snack that you can eat between breakfast and lunch, or lunch and dinner.
i mean , the time when you dont have any meat to eat, or dont want to eat heavy, or you just want to eat snack.

And you must remember, all of this are delicious snack, and still low carb. but beware , please do some calculation. I'm afraid you eat to much and boom, excess carb.

Here is the list.

1. Bayam goreng.
2. Seaweed snack. 
3. Tauhu kering goreng. 
4.Konnyaku goreng.
5. Konnyaku jelly gune gula stevia / watever sugar free
5. CHEESE. hehe.
6. Almond - 90 g 9 net carb .
7. sugar free chocolate,sweet, ice cream  .
8. Ikan Bilis Goreng !

Well, thats it. But if you live at home, I dont think u need snack. I mean u have refrigerator, unless like me, i have to find some dry food to be eaten. 

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Dear Mr President.

How do you sleeps , when the rest of us cry ?
Dear mr president .
its oke if you cant give back our money,
but why in the world add more burden to our shoulder ?
its hard Mr President , its hard!
especially its more harder when you illegally become our president .
its more harder when you break the promises, the CLEAR promises that you make , that we can see on newspaper.

we already feel so hurtful , our heart literally bleed so much on the past may incident , but , you actually can make us forgive you by lessen our burden .

but what you have done , Mr President ?

my head feel so ache right now, not literally but physically.
i've thinking too much about how i can lessen my parent burden,
but i always end up create more burden to them ,
sometimes i feel like run away to a whole new world,
find a job,
pay back my parent all the money that they wasted on me.
i mean, they waste their money on something so pathetic.
oh by the way, this is not your problem, its my personal problem, Mr President.
I actually feels like im really talking to you. ha ha.

You see, i dont really hate you if you behave properly, Mr President.


i even give you respect by call you Mister. Because i dont usually talk to people i dont like , like that.

Dear Mr President ,
behave properly. please? for the sake of yourself. I know you are good boy. 

Wednesday, October 16, 2013


aku rasa jahat sangat kat cikgu aku dari dulu sampai sekarang.
jahat sebab tak buat kerja rumaah.
jahat sebab buat diorg marah.
jahat sebab suka datang sekolah lambat.

aku juga jahat
sebab dahulu aku anggap those gengster kat sekolah have no life,
walaupun aku tak tahu hakikat sebenar kehidupan mereka .

aku juga jahat dulu,
sebab tinggalkan mereka yang free hair, and think they are bad. (luckily lot of people i meet, makes me tersedar)

aku juga jahat sebab jadi terlalu skema - 
actually aku mase form 1 sampai form 3 is the type of those annoying student who thinks kelas bising itu satu kebencian, 

padahal .....
aku sangat merindui kelas bising,
sebab kelas bising menunjukkan kami semua kenal each other.
not like now ,
university class is the class where we people dont want to know other people,
because there is too many classmates.
always change classmates.
especially if u are the loser who repeat many subjects(like me)
but, i just sometimes hope,
we can makes friends with every people in our class,
because it sucks coming to class,
and dont really have fun with classmates .
because we just know them, and not friends with them .
i know,
aku da masuk universiti,
mane ade bende camtu exist dah,
kau kau,aku aku.
aku dan kau takde mase nak kenal 60 orang dalam satu kelas,
kelas bukannyer satu,
banyak juga.
but i just hope.
harapan mane ada kacau orang kan ?

i mean,being nakal is bad , but in the same time, its not really bad.
it just,
because u are teenager,
being teenager is like that. NAKAL. haha . TROUBLEMAKER.
being teenager, tolong....tolong jangan keseorangan..
jangan pendam perasaan sorg2 ,

u can be nakal,
but nakal has limit .

bukan nakal sampai buat cikgu kecil hati ,
bukan nakal sampai amek rokok lepak hisap dengan kawan same2 ,
bukan nakal sampai jual dadah sane sini,
bukan nakal sampai jadi gengster kongsi gelap .

if u bad at study ,
then ,
do sport.
atau berniaga ...
and much more.

there is so much meaningful thing to do in life,
other than be someone who dont have works to do.

there is different, between JOB AND WORK.

job is where u make money after u do work.
work is where u make job .

if u dont have job, at least do works.
mungkin boleh tolong emak di rumah,instead of make them sick for having to do all homework so much,kerana mereka da tua.
atau tolong ayah potong rumput.
and dont u dare asking for pay from them .

because ,

u know why is it,right  ?
think back if u forgot.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

What you need to do if you young , and RM 1500 in your bank ?

Daftar haji  .

Seriusly, zaman sekarang , list menunggu terlalu lama.
 Kalau bole, simpan duit hantaran yang anda dpt tu utk daftar haji anak anda yang baru lahir tu .

Atau ,
 anda juga bole jual iphone anda dan daftar haji, beli smartphone lain yg lagi canggih dari iphone anda tu yg jauh lagi murah harga dia.
(Im saying this as Iphone ridicoulus(am i spelling this right  ? ah screw it. i'll check it later) EXPENSIVE price HATER . Yes,i am Iphone , or more precisely , Apple brand hater. hahah. )

 anda bole juga jual motor kawasaki anda dan beli moto lain yg kurg kos minyak , repair dan etc.
hahaha. i know , motor power2 cmtu mmg menyusahkan . haha.
but im not kawasaki hater. just, jealous sbb moto ak moto lame. haha

anda boleh . ...... .

ah. aku cakap mcm la ak ni owner duit korg. hahah .pepandai korang la uruskan sendiri. Tapi yang penting , aku berhasrat, insyaAllah , jika tiada keperluan terdesak, ak nak gune duit hantaran untuk daftar kami sekeluarga(future family) haji . After all,that is my husband money . hahaha. same je kan.