Wednesday, June 9, 2010

bye2 facebook hi2 millatfacebook

i'm now fully actve on mfb?
thats rite.
finally,the feeling of being bersalah of menymbang duit kat israel now gone.
maybe stll ade sikit-la.
wat the fish is that?
its millat facebook.
its muslim made.i like it.
bcoz,i know muslim is not the dumb.
cannot do anything.
mase fez2,mmgla lambat sikit....tapi skang da laju sikit.
lame2 tu laju banyak la...
ingat senang nak wat bende camtu.?
dgn modal skit...
u know wat?
i don believe muslim cant do anything.
we win long time ago.
but,some laknatullah people mencuri idea org islam.
and we dont have any right to bersuara. the time!
bangkit perjuangkan islam!

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