Saturday, March 31, 2012

Why woman are a bad bad driver.

sori gua cakap english kat sini.gua kene berlatih untuk muet gua.muahaha.

They say woman are a bad driver.

Yes,Thats because woman rarely go driving.

The same thing will happen to men,if they rarely go drive.

i mean common,how often do u see woman drive in highway,or something like kl or wateva la.

well,women dont want go to drive in that place cause they dont have courage...most of them.

So,the more often u drive,the more efficient u drive.

Well i say that because..... i got three boys in my house,and i've seen them involve in small accident in the first and second years of driving.

same happen to me too.... well,thats the beauty of driving right? rather than you dont involve in small accident at all, in your first years of driving,and then after ten years,you got in big accident just because,u never got in small accident,or even 'almost small accident'...because that way,u will never learn from mistakes in driving.

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