Sunday, March 10, 2013

Way to make your desktop fun

This desktop wallpaper got so many good testimoni from many customer.

Some say - This is unique wallpaper, you must be so stress right?  to put this as wallpaper ?
Other say - Well this is cute ( I dont know which part is cute )
Other other say - Ok this is brilliant. Are you making this wallpaper  using CAD - hahaha this is exagerrating
Some other say - Ok nice,it seems more organized,and it simple cause u know just black and white.

Hahaha.whatever,i never realise this wallpaper can give so many funny impression to so many different people,and i think i need to give credit to the person who make this. Actually i got this from some blog,which i already lost track , and if you happen to be that person,please say so ..

Ok i know you are a little bit confused right now,which part of this wallpaper is fun  ?

-First, you can use adobe photoshope and paint it with other thing,or add other furniture.
-Second, When people see this wallpaper,their reaction ... kind of fun thing to see ! hahaha

## You must be wondered why i suddenly talk english fully in my blog...well thats because i have this special international reader, my respected sir.. Sir Bensaid. Really thank you sir for that, I actually didnt expect at all.

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