Monday, July 21, 2014

The Priceless first

hi. assalamualaikum

for a single people like me....niece...nephew are our diamonds. our little kitty. people always get a bit annoyed with people like us. hahaha. i dont blame them. its kinda annoying to post the picture of ur nieces like thousand times a year. well...its better than seeing lovey dovey couple pic right?

but to me...they are not entirely wrong too...maybe...thats the only way they find happiness...after all what happened to their life..disaster after disaster.

and below... is the picture of my first ever niece..... yeh. she call herself really.....its funny if u hear it in real life...i dont know how to explain it. haha. yes im laughing.

The first time she eat spaggeti by herself and got comot.

The first time she eat fruit by herself

The first time she recognize baby as 'baby' ..and yes...she really call the a cute way.

The first time she use bottle to drink watermelon juice. she was a fulltime breastfeed.

The first time swing with her first friend and cousin..auni...

The first time wear spec and be a cool baby.

and many other first thing.

i miss her. be good my little kitty. eat more and be a healthy baby. really miss u.

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