Sunday, October 27, 2013

Dear Mr President.

How do you sleeps , when the rest of us cry ?
Dear mr president .
its oke if you cant give back our money,
but why in the world add more burden to our shoulder ?
its hard Mr President , its hard!
especially its more harder when you illegally become our president .
its more harder when you break the promises, the CLEAR promises that you make , that we can see on newspaper.

we already feel so hurtful , our heart literally bleed so much on the past may incident , but , you actually can make us forgive you by lessen our burden .

but what you have done , Mr President ?

my head feel so ache right now, not literally but physically.
i've thinking too much about how i can lessen my parent burden,
but i always end up create more burden to them ,
sometimes i feel like run away to a whole new world,
find a job,
pay back my parent all the money that they wasted on me.
i mean, they waste their money on something so pathetic.
oh by the way, this is not your problem, its my personal problem, Mr President.
I actually feels like im really talking to you. ha ha.

You see, i dont really hate you if you behave properly, Mr President.


i even give you respect by call you Mister. Because i dont usually talk to people i dont like , like that.

Dear Mr President ,
behave properly. please? for the sake of yourself. I know you are good boy. 

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