Friday, July 22, 2011


ok.i got confuse.

sejak akhir2 ni,aku rasekan diri aku lebih terarah kepada menengok drama atau movie bersifat keibubapaan dan kekanakan.tak kire movie ape,asalkan ade budak2 kat situ,aku akan tgk.atau,movie pasal husband and wife,which of course,cerite pasal how they survived with their marriage.

ok.don get me wrong.i also like love drama-jiwang2 drama...but,i think i watch that kind of drama like just,20 percent....the other 80 percent, i will watch all type of boring shows people would example..documentary...parenting shows...marriage show,cooking show,oprah winfrey-alike shows...and etc.

sometimes i think im TOO WEIRD.

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