Wednesday, July 6, 2011

teknik mengesan org yg tgh bad mood @ good mood.

p/s : kesan tgk citer lie to me.(bukan citer korea ok.cerite inggeris.)

Sometimes it’s easy to tell if a person’s in a good mood. But if you’re not sure, look at his face.

If he’s in a good mood he’ll likely greet you with a full smile, eyes wide open. If he greets you with a partial “lips only” smile—one that does not involve his whole face—then this is a “forced courtesy smile” and usually reflects a person who is not in a good mood.

Eye contact is a strong indicator of mood. When we are in a good mood we tend to make more direct eye contact. Conversely, when we’re in a bad mood we tend to look down or away from the person we’re speaking to.

Source: David. J. Lieberman, Get Anyone to Do Anything.

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