Friday, July 29, 2011


ini review pasal nanny 911,my feveret show all the time.well,basically i watch nanny 911 because there are cute kids in there,(same like sesame street,believe it or not,i watch only elmo segment cause elmo segment has cute baby.i like!hahaha.)

but then,when i watch this nanny 911 show again and again,i just fall in love with this show.why?because...i am so interested in learning way to interact with kids.not just normal kid.IT IS NAUGHTY KID.the hot headed kid.

well,i have several cousin who really2 naughty,they always belasah me if aku tegur perbuatan mereka yg tak baek.really2 naughty...and so much more naughty thing they do....sometimes i think they are bad kids....but..after dealing with them....friends with them...i realise,are just kids...pure kid....remember my story about my naughty cousin?

and this show has taught me a lot.yeah,a lot....about,how to deal with really DEGIL kids.....wat to do if they are so GANAS,MENCARUT,and many things....

and of cos....i'm not watching this alone,my family love this show too(well,we start fall in love with this show when we went trip to cameron,watching tv on that night.),rather than watching crite melayu yg ntah pape(Sori,i still cannot find new thing to learn in malay stories.)...i noe,this show is english show,but knowledge can gain anywhere....right? just saying.not all true.okeh?

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